Capital Semente participates by holding a minority and temporary position in the share capital of companies with high growth potential which develop innovative products/services.

We support the appreciation of your business idea by investing dedication, funding, and knowledge along with national and international trade partnerships. We believe in your talent by sharing the risk of the business.



Investment policy

 We invest in projects:

  • That are innovative, with products or services that really make the difference
  • With investments between 50,000 - 10,000,000 euros
  • Developed in Portugal and/or in developing countries
  • Created by ambitious entrepreneurs with skills


Step I - Entrepreneurs:

Business plan presentation
Description of business
Economic-financial viability study

Step II - Entrepreneurs + Capital Semente:

Detecting business opportunities
Assessing the profitability of new ideas/investments
Drawing up the shareholders’ agreement
Supporting the establishment of the company in Portugal / other countries or changes in the existing company
Investing in the project - supporting the acquisition of equipment, technology, operating funds,...
Management support - representation in the company’s board of directors
Supporting the internationalization and trade activities
Promoting scientific cooperation and technological partnerships
Implementing management control systems and efficiency optimization systems
Preparing project situation diagnoses and defining strategic action plans
Salling the capital owned by Capital Semente

Advantages of Capital Semente

  • Multi-sectorial experience
  • Fast and covered by professional secrecy
  • Dedication to your business
  • Independence
  • We assume high risk positions


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